Editing Services

Various Editing Services Listed Below 

You’ve written it. Now let me edit it.


A general proofread is valuable to even the most accomplished writers, because by nature our minds automatically correct many mistakes. The fresh eyes of a trained proofreader look for errors such as missing words or improper usage. A galley, or character-by-character, proofread aids the author in checking for final mistakes made in printing, revisions, and editorial changes. General proofreading and galley proofreading are available for hard copies using standard proofreader’s marks, or for electronic copies using track changes.


A critique of written work involves a general review of the manuscript or article, looking for strengths and weaknesses. The editor renders his opinion of the work and offers suggestions for improvement. For critiques, I present present authors with a one to two page critique of the manuscript, highlighting major issues I believe should be address, if any. This service provides aspiring authors with an inexpensive way to obtain a professional opinion.

Content Edit 

Content editing looks at the substance of the book or article rather than the mechanics, layout, and accuracy. A content edit deals with the overall tone of the manuscript and evaluates clarity of subject, logic, and consistency. The content edit suggests possible ideas and areas that need strengthening.

Developmental Edit

Similar to a content edit, but requiring substantial rewriting.

Copy Edit

Copy editing looks at your document for errors in punctuation, spelling, grammatical structure, inconsistencies, and style. While a copy edit does not traditionally look to comment on the content of the document, I do point out any errors I see as I edit.  

Writing or Ghostwriting

I will write your articles for newsletters, brochures, sales letters, e-books, and blogs. Please contact me with your needs for services available along with a free quote.


I sometimes assist authors with research for their manuscripts and articles. Please contact me with your specific needs in this area for a free price quote.


Web page design, writing of copy, and hosting are also available. Contact me, outlining your basic needs. I, or one of my associates, will contact you for more information and provide a free quote. Indirect editing is available for your Website, blog, or electronically published books.

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