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A different kind of word count.

NoteTab Light

Here’s a great program for counting the number of times a specific word is used in your document. The program is called  Note Tab Light. What the software does  is list every word in the document or chapter you paste into it. It tells you how many time you used each word and the percentage that each word makes up for the whole document.

I don’t pay much attention to the percentage and I don’t care if I used the word “the” 100 times in the chapter. I look over the list of words and look for high word counts. If Note Tab Light shows that I used the word “fizzle” ten times in a chapter, that is a bit much and I would go back and look for the word in my document and adjust it.

I also look over the list for words that don’t do a lot . . .  Such as words like “just, really, very, like, such, etc.” and highlight those on my list. It has also helped me catch unusual words that I’ve spelled differently in different locations. I had Az Zubair one time and Az Zubayr in another place in the same document. When I was proofing it showed it as a misspelled word but I skipped each time, knowing the word dictionary didn’t include  it. But . . .  I had not been consistent in my spelling.  I go back to my document and search for the words that I have highlighted in my list. I look at each instance where the word was used. Sometimes I leave them as they are, but at least I do so knowingly. Usually I make changes that I hope are better.

Go to this web site.

It’s a free software.  Once you download and install it,  paste your words into the program.

1.       Go to tools and then to

2.       Text Statistics then

3.       when a little screen pops up, click “more

and you will get a list of all the words you used and how many times you used them. I usually copy the list and paste it into a word document, print it out, and sit in my recliner with a highlighter and the list. I highlight words that I want to go back and run a “find” on in my original document. If the document comes out real long, rather than printing numerous pages, I reformat my new Word document into two or three columns. For three columns I adjust the margins and tabs. Also, at the beginning of your printout, Note Tab Light tells you how many commas, periods, quote marks, etc. that you have used.  Compare beginning quote mark counts with end quote mark counts. And at the end of your printout, Note Tab Light tells you how many different words you used, how many characters, how many paragraphs, etc.