About Judy

Hi. I’m Judy Vandiver.

Welcome to My Front Porch

A place for creative minds.

JudyVI love making things, being creative, and expressing myself through things that inspire me. Often, I want to create something visually artistic, but I also like to put my thoughts on paper. And I have a habit of correcting other people’s writing, whether mentally or with a red pen. Therefore I’m known as an artist, editor, and all-around crafter. I enjoy sewing, quilting, crocheting, knitting, painting. I like to design new creations and expand on old ones, so I also enjoy going “junking.”

A second love is to share what I’ve learned along my life’s journey. You’ll find information on this site about various craft projects. I hope to impart inspiration, knowledge, tips and tricks, and how-to information so you can enjoy the love of creative crafting also.

On the Front Porch page (my blog), you’ll find bits of chatter meant to help you along life’s journey. A topic there might be a bit of encouragement, inspiration, or a tip or news I think you might find interesting.  Sit back and enjoy a glass of tea or your favorite beverage and join me on my front porch for relaxation and inspiration. And when you have time, drop me a line through comments or from my contact page.