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The Front Porch

 Hi. I’m Judy Vandiver. 

Welcome to My Front Porch

A place for creative minds.  

I love making things, being creative, and expressing myself through things that inspire me. Often, I want to create something visually artistic, but mostly, I want to put my thoughts on paper. And I have a habit of correcting other people’s writing, whether mentally or with a red pen. Therefore I’m known as an artist, writer, and editor. A second love is to share what I’ve learned along my life’s journey. You’ll find information on this site about writing and editing plus some devotionals.  Interspersed here and there, you may even get a glimpse of some of my artwork. On the Blog, you’ll find bits of chatter meant to help you along life’s journey. A topic there might be a bit of encouragement, inspiration, or a tip or news on writing or editing. Sit back and enjoy a glass of tea or your favorite beverage and join me on my front porch for relaxation and inspiration.

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